Médica Sur offers diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine services, with the latest equipment operated by specialists with national and international prestige.

The Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Image of Médica Sur offers diagnostic and therapeutic services, we also have equipment State-of-the-art SPECT / CT and PET / CT hybrids, the best in Mexico. For the realization and interpretation of our studies we have with a multidisciplinary staff of doctors and technicians made up of:

  • Nuclear doctors with a high specialty in oncology, molecular imaging, PET / CT and neurology.
  • Radiologists with high specialty in PET / CT.
  • Cardiologist with high specialty in nuclear cardiology.
  • Radiologist technicians with high specialization in nuclear medicine and PET / CT.

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Qué es PET-CT

For the realization of studies and / or therapies of nuclear medicine is required the administration of a radiation dose, which is totally sure, however, to be able to make international trips you requires a medical letter that justifies the incorporation of radiation in your body, this document will be delivered by our staff, so you can make the trip without any problem.

Treatment for hyperthyroidism

One of the most modern treatments for hyperthyroidism is through oral intake of radioactive iodine, a type of radiopharmaceutical used in nuclear medicine.

  • When consumed, it´s absorbed into the thyroid gland, where it reduces it and causes symptoms to disappear.
  • The treatment usually lasts several months.
  • Excess of iodine disappears from the body in weeks or months.
  • By minimizing the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, the thyroid is considered to be inactive, so you may have to take daily medications to replace its functioning.
Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer treatment is also with radioactive iodine. There are two ways to use it:

  • After performing a thyroidectomy (surgery to remove part or all of the thyroid), high doses of this radiopharmaceutical are used to destroy all of the tissue in the area affected by the cancer, thus eradicating it completely.
  • It can also be used to re-eradicate thyroid cancer if it reappears or spreads to other parts of the body.
  • In both ways, the radiopharmaceutical is ingested orally, either by capsules or in liquid.
Prostate cancer with bone metastases

There are 2 different radiopharmaceutical treatments for prostate cancer:


  • It is given intravenously to attack the tumor.
  • Thanks to the components of the Radio-223, the discomfort is minimal and does not cause pain, so it´s the best option when treating this type of cancer.
  • It works before or after having performed chemotherapy, and unlike it, the patient's hair does not fall out, since there´s no damage to other parts of the body.


  • It´s administered intravenously.
  • Thanks to the directed radiation emitted by the drug, it penetrates the tumor cells and destroys them without attacking any other part of the body.
  • It´s highly effective compared to other procedures.
  • The duration of treatment is 4 cycles of 8 weeks each.
Neuroendocrine tumors

The treatment for cancerous neuroendocrine tumors that affect the digestive tract works with a radiopharmaceutical called Lutetium-177.

  • It´s administered intravenously.
  • Thanks to the directed radiation emitted by the drug, it penetrates the tumor cells and destroys them without attacking any other part of the body.
  • Compared to other procedures, Lutetium-177 rarely has serious side effects and provides a better life quality for patients.
  • The duration of treatment is 4 cycles of 8 weeks each.

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Given the current pandemic COVID-19, we want to inform our patients and their families that Médica Sur counts with response protocols that guarantee the continuity of the processes and medical care for all our services in the hospital. More information.

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